Saturday, June 27, 2009

Perfect Summer

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Sometimes Summer in Oregon can be breathtakingly beautiful. We've had a week of Perfect Summer: blue sky days, with the high of maybe 75, the lows at night going down to 45 or 50, perfect sleeping weather. We're so lucky to have this weather, and we've been enjoying it!

Tim and I are trying to get into a little better shape this summer. We've been 'power walking' every other day...doing a 2-3 mile walk in the hills around our house. Today, on an in-between day, we did a glorious paddle on Fern Ridge Lake. We started the paddle in the wetlands, where we saw countless birds, then went out in the open lake where a breeze was blowing little waves our way, and then finished on the canal: a straight shot in the sun through to the take out point. We've paddled a few times this summer but this was the first real tough paddle we've done, and it felt great....even my unintentional 'wet exit' at the end (and yes, it is what it sounds like).

I've also been knitting, of course...I finished this sock which I started mumblemumblemumbel ago...I think it is from the book 'Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn" or something like that...I have to say this sock is a lot of effort with not a whole lot of payoff, so it has been slow going.

I've been knitting on my Hanami shawl too...I do at least four rows a day, more if I'm in the mood, and I'm almost done with the basketweave part (which means I'm almost halfway done).

Also on the needles are a pair of plain jane socks and a top from the new Debbie Bliss book. And the lace leaf top is done, but needs ends woven in.

I'm reading a book about the Gardner Museum theft...well written but I keep sort of dozing off. But now I'm off ot knit some Hanami so that should wake me up!


Anonymous said...

If you keep dozing off, I'm not sure it's all that well-written. . .

Rachel said...

Oh, that elusive 'getting in a little better shape!. Yeah, me too. I hope we both succeed!

Envious of your paddle...sounds like a good trip even if you did unintentionally wet exit/fall out/tip over. :)

Looking forward to seeing your lace leaf top and the Hanami shawl. That is one I've been dreaming of knitting for awhile!