Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Quickly Quickly

Quick post before I start a busy morning: I've been pretty good at knitting ten minutes a day on Hanami until I woke up this morning and realized I FORGOT yesterday! Yee! I had sort of a busy day with a speech to a local Rotary and then some stuff at school, followed by an outing to our local AAAAAAAAA baseball team's game but I FORGOT.

I feel a bit guilty.

But not that much. The 'ten minutes a day' rules say that you can't make up a day, but since it is knitting and there are no rules, I'll go easy on myself.

Today: working out, errands, teeth cleaning, and then making up the knitting that you're not supposed to be able to make up.

Pictures soon. Lots to show you. Can I just tell you: I love DiCentra Designs!

PS. My friend Kim in Georgia is thinking about opening a 'knitting business' that may or may not involve selling products. What else could a 'knitting business' entail, do you think? My only suggestion was a 'knitting movie night' where people come and watch a movie and knit, and pay you for the pleasure. What ideas do you have?

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Anonymous said...

Oh, wow!!!! Thanks for the help!