Friday, July 17, 2009

Because it is 90 degrees outside...

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...I'm knitting a mohair sweater.

I needed a 'mindless' project, and this fits the bill...a bulky weight sweater in the round with a light-as-air mohair yarn (Le Gran by Classic Elite in the natural color).

I've knit quite a bit more since this photo was taken, and it is still the same weight as a little dandelion puff ball. It is somewhat enchanting in that way.

Busy day. Ish. I gave a keynote speech at the kickoff breakfast for a great charity event: the American Diabetes Association walk a thon.

I did OK. You know that old theater adage about sharing the stage with kids? It is correct. Especially if the kids have diabetes! They were great kids; my speech on Corporate Social Responsibility really paled next to Rylie's new insulin pump. Anyway..I hope they raise a lot of money!

Then this afternoon after a noneventful conference call i donned goggles and helped Tim cut wood strips. Not to be outdone in the creativity department, Tim is building a kayak. By himself. Out of wood. Strips of wood. So today we made some of the strips. Which basically involved me making sure I didn't cut my fingers off on the whirling blade of the saw.

Good, good times.

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Mistrmi said...

Like the new color scheme, by the way. The word cloud is enchanting.

And, yes, only the most learned among us would work mohair in the summer.