Thursday, July 23, 2009

A bit of frustration

So, slight rant coming, but honestly I'm not sure who to rant against.

Earlier in the spring, I saw an ad for Classic Elite that had a knit sweater over a really, really cute green summer dress. I emailed Classic Elite asking where the dress was from. They called me back (hello? Good customer service? Thy name is Classic Elite) and explained that the dress was from Urban Outfitters, but it was from the previous summer so it probably wouldn't be available in stores. I checked. It wasn't.

Yesterday the new Rowan came (Rowan 46) and there's a pattern called Bourne which is a knit kidsilk haze top thing (vest just doesn't do it justice) worn over the most gorgeous sheer beaded black top. I'm going to a black tie event in November and have a skirt but I've been thinking about what top to wear. And this top would be great! So I emailed Rowan. And got a lovely Reply via email from a lovely Rowan worker who said the top would have been bought a year ago and so wasn't probably still available. And the lady who bought it wasn't in the office just then.

So I get that photographs have to be done far in advance of them getting into my hot knitting hands. But what sort of surprises me is that yarn companies apparently have to get the 'other' clothes off the racks...just like mere mortals! And so by the time the ads/mags for the yarn companies come out, the yarns and patterns are 'a la mode' but the clothes are 'old' and 'out of date' (not really, but you know what I can't shop the photos in a yarn mag for the clothes worn by the models).

It is a bit frustrating to me!

And then I I the only one who notices the clothes when I should be noticing the knitting?

And then I wonder...would it kill them to credit the clothes?

And then I wonder....oh, never mind.

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