Saturday, July 04, 2009


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As loyal blog readers know, I'm the proud owner of an alpaca named Brownie who lives at Silk Creeks Alpacas , owned by my friends Bil and Julia. They've owned the farm for a little over a year, and it is absolutely amazing to see all the farminess that is happening out there.

Yes, farminess is a word.

Yesterday my friend Sterling and I went out to see the new crias that have been born in the last two weeks. Three crias in the last few weeks, with one due in about a month. The beautiful girl in this picture was born 7/3, and her name is Opal. She is so cute! The other two cria are also girls, and are also white or nearly white.

Which is like winning the trifecta!

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This is my newest crush....a handsome guy named Jett that came to Silk Creek Alpacas in a trade. He's just about the friendliest alpaca you'd ever want to meet. Anyway, we're thinking about buying him...I wouldn't mind owning a few more.

In addition to the alpaca, Bil and Julia have all kinds of fowl. Now, I'm not a big fan of chickens or turkeys but it is quite fascinating to watch the chickens running around with the alpacas. They all seem to enjoy each other's company, if such a thing is possible in the animal world.

They're also thinking about goats, but unfortunately my cashmere goat suggestion has not made the final list (I guess cashmere goats don't give good milk. As if that matters).

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I still need to weave in the ends but this top is done. I like it but obviously I haven't worn it yet, but I will. This has nice shaping and I like the yoke detail a lot. Believe me, it will look better with the ends woven in.

Cody is doing better, but he's still not 100%. We took a walk around the block last night and he handled that well, and this morning I cooked up some salmon for him which he pretty much inhaled (but other than that, he hasn't been very interested in food). His eye twitching has slowed down a lot so he should be in better shape tomorrow.

We tried some valium-like substance on juneau last night (she is scared horribly of fireworks) and it was just like the movies...about 50 minutes after the dosage she just slumped on the floor into a good sleep in the midst of lots of fireworks going off. That's a nice change.


technikat said...

I love that top. The yoke is very nice. What's the pattern?

The alpacas sure are cute!

Sheila E said...

I am glad to hear that Cody is doing much better! Bless his little doggie heart.
Your new top is quite lovely.
How about a get together soon?

Mistrmi said...

Aw, be a rebel --- leave those ends unwoven. Trends have to start somewhere, right?

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