Friday, July 03, 2009

Deep sigh of relief

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Cody is fine...or he will be in a couple of days. He has a condition called vestibulopathy which is like an inner ear infection which makes him feel like he's seasick...hence the lurching around and the vomiting (I guess I didn't share that with you). He should be ok in a couple of days...he's drinking water on his own and will eat selective things (grilled tuna, for example) and seems to have figured out how to make himself comfortable. He's on seasick drugs !!!! and now we just wait it out. Needless to say, this is an enormous relief to us.

We have a wonderful and caring vet (although I think they all are, don't you?) who loves Cody and is so glad it isn't serious also.

In knitting news...I have finished the first half of Hanami...the basketweave part is complete! It looks good. The rest of the piece is a lot of k2togs and ssks and yos which I think I can handle. I'm glad this is moving toward completion!


Anonymous said...

The knitting AND the news on Cody are wonderful.

Rachel said...

I'm glad I was behind on my post was much better to read immediately after that he is doing better!