Thursday, July 30, 2009

I could be SO cranky...

..but I'm not. But I could be. Because of the following:

1. Still hot (but cooled down a bit, reducing crankiness)
2. Dropped a stitch (sort of cranky) on mohair sweater (more sort of cranky)
3. Disturbed a hornets' next last night (highly cranky hornets), but was only stung about six times (which, from what I can tell, should make me grateful, thus reducing crankiness).
4. The knowledge that two sock yarns now cost $30 per skein (Wollmeise and Yarntini). I know it's all about supply and demand: economics=cranky.
5. The fact that it takes a KnitPicks order 10 days to travel about 200 miles (very very cranky. I'm waiting for blocking wires for Hanami).

And you? Cranky now?

1 comment:

Mistrmi said...

Yes, dammit.