Monday, July 20, 2009

It's either this, or a long pink rectangle

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My knitting isn't too photogenic these days, and for this I apologize.

But I'm nearing the home stretch on Hanami...this was taken before a marathon knitting session Saturday night. Have you seen the HBO show In Treatment? Well, we're watching it on DVD (season 1) and it is perfect for lace knitting. Because, basically, the premise is that a bunch of people go to this shrink for analysis. So they're just talking. Very little action. Which makes it perfect for lace knitting.

Great if hot weekend. Took our morning walk on Saturday, followed by home made blueberry pancakes on the grill outside, which we've never done before and it worked out deliciously. I think I knit and read for much of Saturday. Yesterday we hit the road early to drive up to a mountain-ish lake for some paddling. We managed a good hour without any major wind, and then the wind picked up which was a challenge, but in a good way. Usually we have some 'issues' with lakes because speed boaters can be annoying, but we hit the lake on a good day and, I guess, early enough that the obnoxious people weren't out yet.

The sort of magical thing about the paddle was that there were dozens of newts/salamanders in the water, just hanging out. They didn't seem to mind our presence, although they did seem to play dead when we paddled by.

Today, Juneau dog is getting her teeth cleaned and a small perianal mass removed (ouch). We're hoping it is benign; she's a young dog and it is too early to start with worrisome problems. Please hold a good thought for her.

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Mistrmi said...

Just a thought --- Could you have hit a newt or two with your paddles, and they really WERE dead????