Monday, July 27, 2009

The Next Time You See Hanami:

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-it will be bound off.
-it will be on blocking wires
-it will have a found a place to rest at my house while it is drying.
-it will be drying pretty quickly because it is supposed to be 100 degrees here...100 degrees!!...for most of this week...most of this week!!!

So many unusual things happening. All of a sudden, I'm six rows away from finishing Hanami! And it goes out with a bang...for the last inch or two, you double the number of stitches so the shawl ends in a ruffle*. So that's what I'm on now, so it is a little slower going than before but I'm pretty sure it will be done today.

I sort of can't believe it. The second half went soooo much faster than the first half, but the second hal of this pattern was much less, shall we say, strict in terms of if one (I) makes an error it can be rescued pretty quickly.

I'm looking forward to seeing it blocked...and then of course, casting on for something new.

*One of my readers (and you know who you are Kim) commented that it seemed like my knitting always had to have written explanations. And I guess she's right.


Anonymous said...


But seriously --- I love ruffles. The binding off can be taxing, but the results are terrific.

Rachel said...'s so close. Can't wait to see this blocked. I've thought of doing this stole for a long time. It's such a beautiful pattern!