Friday, July 10, 2009

Pink Rectangle

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Not too exciting, this pink rectangle, but let me tell you about it.

1. It is not a scarf.

2. It is knit in Calmer.

3. It is a nice ribbed pattern: knit on the RS, p2 k1 on the WS

4. It is a top.

5. Really. The idea is that I knit TWO rectangles, each about 50 inches long, and then on THIS rectangle (in the picture) I sew on multiple colored buttons and on the OTHER rectangle I make a button hole band.

6. And you leave some buttons open at the top.

7. Designed by Debbie Bliss, who does wonderfully innovative construction. From her design book that just came out. (Edited to fix my geometric shape challenged boo boo).

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Mistrmi said...

It says something about you that your projects always require explanation AND photo evidence.