Saturday, July 25, 2009


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My knitting is boring.

Not boring to me, really, but just not a lot of visual interest. I'm not working on a sock right now (there is one in my knitting bag, but it is lace and I can only handle one lace project at a time). So that leaves me with two long rectangles and one tube.

Here is one of the rectangles...the little Debbie Bliss top that is two long rectangles folded over (the fold will be my shoulder, and this is...obviously...only one rectangle). The two get joined with colorful buttons (and I found some online today, whoot!) and it is quite cute. The first rectangle is finished and the second one is on the needles, so look out!

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This morning, we went to the annual Coburg Quilt Show. I was looking for some knitting inspiration and really didn't find any (just one quilt, loo for it in the days ahead) but this one quilt really enchanted me...lots of cute little quirky cats. Please click on the image and take a look at it, there are so many beautiful details...the checkerboard treatment on the frames of the cats, the tiny little quilts where horizontal and diagonal pieces cross..just great little details. I took a few close ups which I'll post soon, they do make one happy.

We're glad we went early because it was already 80 degrees at 11:30...way too hot for us here in the Pac Northwest!

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