Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Phenomenon

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This happens every summer: I don't know where the time goes.

Now, during the 10 months of year that I"m 'working' (ie at my academic job where I receive a paycheck), I am very organized and can handle my job, a variety of household tasks, and knitting very easily. Yet in the summer, remove the 'real job' and I'm wondering how, how, how I get everything done in the regular year.

And of course I know how. In the 'regular' (non-summer) year, I don't take time to train the new wisteria plants around the arbor Tim built last summer. I don't go to the farmer's market (twice in two days). I don't make blueberry muffins (twice in three days). I don't pull a few stray weeds here and there. I don't clean out my tshirt drawer.

I love summer. I just sometimes feel it is otherworldly.

These socks are done, and I'm taking a wee sock hiatus of 'basic socks' (I have a lacy pair where one is done, and the other is just uninteresting). I'm doing a mindless sweater instead.

Oh, and I'm destashing some stuff on Rav.

Let me know you visit the blog and I'll give you 10% off any yarn in my destash.!


technikat said...

Hah! Just wait til you retire, then you'll wonder how you ever had the time to work.

Enjoy your summer.

Dicentra said...

Love those socks!