Saturday, August 29, 2009

End of summer musings

I haven't been posting a lot this summer, and I don't really know why. I've been busy this last few weeks on my 'side project', which is a site for small businesses (feel free to come visit). I've also started interviewing small retail owners for a new book...we're looking for small businesses that use social media. If you do, or if you know of anyone, send me an email: kbshee AT comcast DOT net, or just leave a comment here with the info.

The other reason is that our Cody is not doing well, and we think we are coming close to the time when that hard decision has to be made. This last week has been our constant search to find something he wants to eat. We have a terrific vet, Priscilla Gibson at Bush Animal Hospital here in Eugene, who is helping us every step of the way. We are headed over the coast after Labor Day and hoping Cody is well enough to enjoy that trip. It's just day by day here.

But I have been knitting, although not as much as I'd like. Hopefully this coming week will allow for a bit more knitting.

The end of summer makes me blue...the end of beautiful weather here in Oregon, the promise of yet another year of challenges at my job, and just the end of the luxury of free time that I"m so fortunate to have. How is the end of your summer going?


Jeanne said...

Sorry to hear that Cody isn't doing as well as you hoped - I hope he can make the trip next weekend.

My end of summer is going well - its been a really hard summer for us, so I'm glad that its just about over and a new season is here.

Enjoy the rest of yours!

kitkatknit said...

I'm sending strong positive vibes that Cody will be there to join you on the Oregon coast. It's an important place for me when I need to have the ocean breezes blow through my mind and take away all my cares.


Anonymous said...

My end-of-summer is going about like yours, only without the veterinary heartbreak. Thinking about you every day; let me know if there's anything I can do.

Sheila E said...

I too am keeping good thoughts that you ALL have a wonderful Labor Day at the beach!
I missed you at Sock Summit.
And....I, too, am enjoying the bitter, sweet end of Summer. I will miss the Sun and the beautiful blue of the sky!
One day at a Time, as is said!

Rachel said...

Sending huge feel better vibes to Cody. I hate that 'the decision time' may be coming close for you's such a hard one to make. I hope though that you found something he could eat and that he makes it through the coastal trip...please keep us posted!

I'm having end of summer blahs too and the blog is suffering as well. I need to just accept it was a crappy summer and move on. I love fall here in NE Oregon and if I don't stop pouting and look up, I'll miss it too! Here's hoping we both get a break from work frustrations this year.