Sunday, August 02, 2009

Yeah. About that.

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So there' nothing really to show you, apologies.

Unless you'd like to see a second long rectangle of pink knitting.

Or a white mohair tube that will someday be a sleeve.

Or perhaps this? I cast on for a sock from the Cookie A book. The Milo sock. It starts with 72 stitches on the cuff. So I cast on with two circs, 26 stitches per needle, and knit the 10 rounds of the cuff.

And then as I looked at the charts for the leg, I thought "where are all the stitches I need?" It took about five minutes to realize that 72 divided by 2 was not 26, but 36.

Frog. Cast on. Knit again.

So not much to show, so you can look at the cute cats from the quilt at last week's quilt show that I liked.

Two pieces of good news: swellling on hands almost gone, and blocking wires are in house. I'm off for a quick trip to LA on Monday so I'll check back later in the week.

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Anonymous said...

Hahahaha.. well, it happens, Kim. Jane's hedgerow sock is a pretty straight foreward pattern, and I manage to botch the first attempt, and frogged it.

I think that quilt is fabulous. I love cat quilts.

Glad that the swelling in your hands is down. And yes, it's too darn hot for me, too. Meh to the heat!