Saturday, September 26, 2009

National Alpaca Farm Day

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Today is National Alpaca Farm Day, and we celebrated by going out to Silk Creek Alpacas to visit with Bil and Julia, see all the alpacas, and most importantly, gaze with envy on the new fleece picker and electric drum carder. I also spun one of the batt's on Julia's spinning wheel, which is lovely (an Ashford, that Julia got for pennies!). There was a reporter from a local news station there too so my spinning hands might even be on television. If so, I'll post a link here.

This handsome fellow is Atom, whom we are going to 'adopt' into our family. He's a fiber boy, meaning he won't be a breeder but he has lovely fleece and white to boot. So he'll be a good companion alpaca for our future breeding boy...we're thinking ahead a few years to starting our own alpaca farm.

This is the official end of the summer for me...classes start next week. I'm working on a better attitude for fall term. Hope I succeed!

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