Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our Little Guy

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Ten months after we got married, Tim and I made the big decision to welcome the patter of little feet to our family. Four little paws, to be more specific. We brought home a 6-week old, 7 pound furry bundle of love from the pound in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, that we named Cody. And from the day he came home, he became a Very Important Pup in our lives.

He joined us on hikes, on boat rides, on cross country road trips, on camping trips, and on a gondola lift. He was welcomed into homes and offices that hadn't allowed dogs in. He accompanied us to classes, to dinners at friends' houses, to movies and to Canada. He learned to use an iPhone (just kidding on that one). He was our constant companion who asked so little of us.

Liver tests showed a wonky liver many years ago, and our vet couldn't quite figure out what was wrong. A little over two years ago, he was diagnosed with liver cancer, and had sections of his liver as well as his spleen removed, and underwent chemo treatments. Once he finished chemo, he had more than a year and a half of good health.

This summer had its ups and downs, but Cody enjoyed some good swims in the local park and some short walks around the neighborhood. He joined us in Pacific City for a short vacation, and spent a sunny afternoon dozing on the deck listening to the ocean. He started failing about halfway through the vacation, and knowing his time was coming to an end made the last days bittersweet. Sunday, before we came home, we took one last short walk on Cape Kiwanda.

He passed at home, with the gentle help of our good friend and vet Priscilla Gibson, and now joins our other beloved animal friends at the Rainbow Bridge. I like to picture him with angel wings surfing the giant waves by the bridge.

I miss him so. Thank you for your kind thoughts. He was, and will always be, one of a kind. But aren't they all?


Jeanne said...

They are all one of a kind - and it sounds like he was very special. And a cutie!

Anonymous said...

He left knowing he was loved. Hugs to all.