Thursday, October 22, 2009


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The vast majority of my knitting this week (which has not been at all vast) has been a black hoodie knit from Rowan Calmer in stockinette stitch. There will be cables on the hood and on the sleeves, but on the whole this is a big ol hunk of black stockinette.

I'm sparing you.

So here's a closeup of one of the cables from St. Patrick. I like it a lot. I love complex cables, and I don't even get upset when a little design flaw occurs. I can see at least two in this picture and I'm fine with them.

Of course, this is the back, and who really comes up to someone and scrutinizes their cabling? Even I only do that in my head.

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Sheila E said...

It's beautiful Kim...makes me a little frantic just looking at it...quite an accomplishment!