Sunday, October 04, 2009

F is for...

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FALL All of a sudden, it is very, very fall-y here in Oregon. Usually we have summerlike weather until about the middle of October, but the winter rains have already started and I wore a cashmere hoodie yesterday. 'Nuf said.

FIRST My first week back at work is over, it was

FRANTIC but much of that was my own

FAULT because I pretty much blew off the entire month of September from a work perspective. I worked hard this week to get caught up on all the reviews and letters that I had promised to complete, and now I'm pretty

FOCUSED on my classes and on having a success term.

FANNIE's FINGERING yarn was used to make these great purple socks. The colorway is Bramble. A nice thickish sock yarn, which I love, which made the socks a very zippity doo dah type project. I like how this feels a lot. If you haven't tried this yarn, you can

FIND it at Woolgirl.


Mistrmi said...

FANTASTIC new header! Getting the Autumnal vibe, but also a good Vanderbilt-gold-and-black feeling.

But, centered, "liver"?

Kim in Oregon said...

Yeah...I know...I think that has to do with Cody...

kitkatknit said...

We were down in the 60's for a couple of days. Me finally comfortable. Rest of the world wore jeans, hats and jackets.

Shelly said...

I'm sorry you lost your Cody. Animals leave their paw prints on our hearts for a long time. Hope you feel better with time.

Rachel said...

Pretty purple socks! Glad to hear that you got caught up on the things making you frantic (I should follow the example!). I hope you have a good term!

Fall weather today...woke up to frost that led to sunny and 60s. How about you? Still raining?