Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yes it is a back

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I love the patterns in the book "A Fine Fleece"...the patterns are intricate, but the shaping is a bit on the boxy side so while one (me) is concentrating on the cables one (me) doesn't have to worry about sleeve decreases.

The sleeves have some shaping, and then they finish with a 3-inch wide strip that forms the shoulder....I think it is called a saddle shoulder? I love that technique. So this is the back, in iall its glory. Including one design feature which you can find, a la "Where's Waldo?"

I cast on last night for new socks using Zauberball, in my opinion the best yarn name in the world. The yarn itself...meh. A bit splitty and not a great hand. But it knits up nicely, and the colors are vibrant.

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