Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ah. Life.

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Between busy-ness at work, and busy-ness with our new little friend, life is a bit crazy. Good crazy though. Tim and I have both been dealing with bad colds but we're slowly getting better. So all those things have meant, um, not a lot of blogging. My apologies.

Pilot is a joy. Here is he being a joy while he destroys a zauberball that was a sock and now is just a mess (such a mess that it is sitting in a plastic project bag, I can't even stand to look at it). He's stubborn at times, and this morning he tore out of his canvas crate AND bit into a battery (ouch) but we're working it out. He's such a happy creature and full of positive energy.

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There has been knitting...and in fact some good knitting. This is a sweater/cardigan done in one piece, I'm using Rowan Soft Lux in a light purple color with a gold thread in it...if you look closely you can sort of see it sparkle. It's lovely to work with and has even survived Pilot running around with it and having it fall off the needles. I enjoy working on this, and basically stockinette has been the extent of my creativity these past few weeks.

So we're just about at the week-and-a-half left of the term point, and I'm more than ready.

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Mistrmi said...

Digging the new word cloud. And the sweater does look very pretty.

Pilot needs some orange-and-white toys to tear in to. . .