Thursday, November 05, 2009


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I usually can control my WIPS...somewhat...I really do try to only have maybe three on the needles at any one time. But I'm not doing well in the past few weeks since a bad case of startitis has settled upon me. I think it is because I have several 'concentration' projects that were started at the start of fall and now I don't have the concentration to do them!

So my concentration projects are:
-a lace sock I started eons ago
-a Cookie A sock
-the St. Patrick sweater

And my non concentration projects are:
-the Holla is the sleeve using my favorite braided cable. It's going pretty fast.
-a shawl collared no-seam sweater than I just downloaded from Webs that I'm using a soft Rowan yarn (it has angora in it) that also has a bunch of sparkly stuff in it
-a sock using Zauberball.

So you'll see more of those all soon!

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Halloween was relatively low key around our house. There was a big football game on at 5 pm, so we really weren't expecting a lot of Trick or Treaters (and we had.....1. yay). Our friends Steve and Jen brought Erin and Evan by in the afternoon, so we decided to dress up Juneau as Dora the Explorer.

She truly enjoyed it, and can't wait til next Halloween. Oh she wants to tell you about it herslef:

....woof woof this is juneau and my mother is so so wrong about that and if she tries this again it will not be pleasant....


Mistrmi said...

Yeah --- I'm gonna have to go with Juneau's account on this.

Ling said...

Aww - Juneau looks super cute as Dora.

Beverly said...

I wish I only had 6 wips. Juneau/Dora is too cute.