Monday, December 07, 2009

More excuses

There is knitting to show, but no knitting pictures. I give a final exam tomorrow, and I think it is all downhill from there (except for say the dozen --I kid you not-- letters of recommendation that I need to do).

Between classes and trying to keep life in some type of order, it's been busy. And on Saturday, poor Juneau got bit by a spider (no proof of the actual biting thing, but she does have a bite on her nose). We could literally see her swell up: first her snout, then her jowls, then her wattle (aka her dewlap). This was accompanied by some itching and some vomiting that still persists. Luckily, we noticed right away when she started swelling and got some benadryl in her lickety split, and I think that helped out a lot. She's feeling ok and looking much better.

Pilot continues his crazy Pilot ways and we love him more every day.

And there is knitting. I promise.

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Mistrmi said...

Get well smooches for Juneau. Her poor dewlap . . .