Friday, February 19, 2010

They're still beautiful

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I have fits and starts with these socks, but I still love the pattern and the beautiful cashmere yarn. They'll be done sooner or later. I've been spending more time doing the sleeves of the monkey sweater, because it is at the point where I just want to finish it.

In life news:
-3 more weeks to this term. Panic time.
-Pilot starts training class this week. Well, we go to the class and learn what bad parents we are. He starts on Tuesday.
-Fence is done.
-Sun is out.
-I'm a bit caught up, work wise, and may play a bit of hooky this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Just don't waste IMing twins, K?

Rachel said...

Remember to breathe okay?

These socks are beautiful...I hope you give yourself the time to finish them up. The beads are perfect!