Monday, April 12, 2010

Are you there, Tilli Tomas? It's me, Kim.

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So here's a new sock that's on the needles, since I finished both the skew socks (see below) and the Majestic socks (stay tuned).

This yarn is one of my new favorites: Tilli Tomas Milan. Is there a real Tilli Tomas? Because if there is, Tilli, would you consider adopting me and giving me free yarn? Because I love your yarn but frankly, dear Tilli, it is a once-in-a-blue-moon purchase for me since it is a bit expensive. So when you adopt me, it will be nice because I can just wander into your guest room that is so jam packed with yarn you can't walk around in it... don't have that room? Oh. Drat.

Anyway, I can just walk into your yarn warehouse and help myself to the wonderful yarn that is Milan sock yarn. Cashmere, silk and merino, and the blue has little beads in it. Already in it! Magic! And the colors are oh-so-saturated Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.

This yarn feels so great, I have to slip it on my wrist after every round just to feel how good it feels. So this sock is taking a long time.

The pattern features this little fold over part (the blue part) that hangs down over the red part and the pattern is from the second book of Big Girl Knits, which I love because I wear the smallest size of everything in the entire book.

Anyway, lovely beautiful yarn, but with one little problem and that is with the price. It's not your everyday yarn. Oh no no. I won't even tell you the price but I will tell you to get this yarn somewhere where you get 10% off for registering with the company online. (I think it might have been kpixie.).

But I don't want to turn this into a rant, because this yarn is, really, worth the price. Seriously.

Abrupt subject change alert!Question for you all: do you ever order yarn and then forget what you ordered it for? And what do you do in these situations? Not that this has happened to me. Really.

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Anonymous said...

Tilli --- if you are considering adoption, please be aware of me, the twin sister. . .