Saturday, April 03, 2010

Big Hunk of Bronze Knitting

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Happy Easter Weekend! We're not that into celebrating Easter at our house, and it certainly isn't springy...cold, harsh windy rain yesterday, followed by a thunderstorm at bedtime and more cold winds today. But that's fine. We're waiting for the washing machine repair man (oh joy) and just basically hanging out. Tomorrow Tim will smoke a chicken and I will make a chocolate coconut cream pie. Yum!

The big blog that you see here is the start of the Mr. Green Jeans sweater, done in Rowan Summer Tweed in the bronze colorway that I picked up for a song at Janette's Rare Yarns in the UK. It's a nice summery color for a nice summery sweater, but hard to photograph at this point since it is a top down raglan cardigan. I'm about to the point where you divide for the arms so it is moving along nicely. The yarn is good....for cotton...which means not a pleasure to knit with but not too bad. And I like the tweediness so that makes it worthwhile as well.

What are you doing for Easter? And are you hungry for some chocolate coconut cream pie now?


Anonymous said...

Smoke a chicken? They're pretty hard to light, aren't they?

Kim in Oregon said...

Har har.

Rachel said...

Easter isn't a blip on my radar (except all the blogs saying happy easter)! Besides, it's cold, snowy and windy here...definitely not spring.

BUT...chocolate cream pie...I could handle that (minus the coconut).