Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mr Green Jeans

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or the sweater formerly known as the big bronze blob.

Anyway, this sweater is coming along nicely. I am also thinking, as I look at it here, that the sweater without the sleeves (as seen here) and not as long as the pattern suggests (sort of as seen here) would make a cute sleeveless summer top. And Lordy knows I have a lot of summer yarn hanging out. So I might try a cute summer top pattern like this when I finish this sweater.

A busy week...Mark Knopfler Sunday, Pilot's last day of dog school on Tuesday, and a quick visit from our nephew Stephen on Thursday night and Friday. In between the usual blah blah and working on my book projects, which are actually coming along pretty well.

Today: the first kayak trip of 2010..just the local canoe canal but it was great to get back in the kayaks. Saw one group of ducklings with mom and pop duck, and a gorgeous pheasant.

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