Friday, April 02, 2010


You know what I hate?

Let me pause a sec. Do I rant a lot? I don't think I do. Not about knitting anyway. But every once in a while something just sticks in my knitting craw and I have to rant.

OK this is what I hate: you see a great pattern, in an online magazine, that you download and pay for, and then you realize that the pattern uses a really, really expensive yarn. In the back of your head you know you can substitute, and then you read this:
"this pattern has been written specifically for the unique characteristics of silk. It is unlikely you'll be able to get the same gauge in the body, particularly in the rows. Fortunately, the pattern is very economically on yarn--so splash out on some silk!"

And. The yarn is about $40. For one hank. And you need two hanks. For a sleeveless top. A sleeveless top!

The reason I'm so annoyed is that I'm fairly certain most designers don't pay for the yarn they use in their patterns. So dear designer, don't tell me to 'splash out' on some 'economical' yarn for your pattern. It just angers me.

Thank you for your attention.


Linda said...

Rant on, that is a sign of an extremely thoughtless designer.

I hope it wasn't a Pacific Northwest designer.

fillyjonk said...

Yeah, assuming everyone can afford $80 for a sleeveless top is pretty much.

I also dislike it when designers give few details of the yarn: they write the pattern for a single yarn and then don't give much info on what weight of yarn it is, wpis, or drape, or anything.

Um, designers? Not all of us have time to knit a pattern THIS VERY INSTANT, even if we want to use the recommended yarn. And companies discontinue yarns pretty much at a year on, you might not be able to find that yarn again. I know there's Yarndex and things like that, but it would be nice on the pattern to say "Use a firm worsted-weight wool or wool equivalent that will give good stitch definition" or "this pattern needs a dk yarn with good draping...rayon, tencel, or silk will work."

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