Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Second set of second socks

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So these are almost all done...I'll probably finish them tonight. I do like these socks...the skew socks from Knitty...they are a bit big but I can deal with that. These go really fast too. I think because the construction is different from a regular sock you don't really know where you are, so you just knit and then it all works out in the end. I'll have to take pictures of the heels when I'm done. They were pretty cool.

We had Pilot's second-to-last training class last night. The instructor set up some 'real world' challenges and Pilot did an OK job. He gets very easily distracted (Hello Understatement, nice to meet you). Next class is a 'potluck' where we all bring food and then keep the food away from the dogs. Good times.

We finally had a break in our wet, windy, cold wintery weather with a beautiful sunny day today. I was in a meeting that finished early, and I hung out in the sun with some students for a bit. That's what college is all about!

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Anonymous said...

Really like the Skew socks. Gonna have to look up that pattern