Saturday, April 24, 2010

So much craftiness

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There's a lot of craftiness happening at my house right now. I've been knitting away, and I've finished the body of the Mr. Greenjeans sweater. It was knit from the top down, and then the ribbing has alternating cables in it. I'm now working on the sleeves. I love this way of making the sweater, except for the yarn overs that are needed to do the increases around the sleeves. What could I do instead? I'm thinking a lifted increase. That would look better. Any thoughts?

And in addition to knitting,I've been the sous chef to Tim's crafty project. He is building a kayak. The frame is done and he is now cutting the strips that will be the 'skin' or shell of the kayak. And because the boards he is cutting are many feet long, I'm an official wordworking helper. Awesome!

And all digits are accounted for.

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Anonymous said...

Funny, I don't think I've seen anyone knit "Mr. Greenjeans" in green. . .

Lifted increases would work, don't you think? No eyelet, of course, but the right number of stitches.