Sunday, April 11, 2010

What a(n) _____ photo

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I'm sure your first thought on visiting my blog today was some variation on the title above. I wrote in the title using 'weird' and 'bizarre' but then thought I'd just leave it up to you to pick the word of your choice.

The alternative title to this blog post is "How the $^(*# do you take a picture of your heels?" Because that is what this picture is...the heels of the Skew socks. Basically, the bottoms of my feet are together and stretched out far enough so I could photograph the heels, which don't look nearly as cool as they do in real life.

And yes, there are strings a-dangling, since the sock necessitates a little kitchener action to close the heel. Yes, you read this right, to close the heel, not the toe. The designer refers to this as some sock origami. So think of it that way if you get at all hot and bothered over the kitchener stitch.

Tonight (a Sunday night!) we're going out (OUT! on a SUNDAY!) to see Mark Knopfler (lead singer of Dire Straits). Should be fun. Rock on!


Rachel said...

While I try to wrap my head around kitchener on the heel, I wanted to say enjoy MK tonight...I bet it'll be a great concert!

technikat said...

Those are some wild looking socks. Very cool!

Anonymous said...

On the photo, I was torn between yoga and The Kama Sutra.

On Mark Knopfler, have you heard the album he made with Emmylou Harris? Outstanding.