Sunday, May 30, 2010

Koigu Mori

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I think that is the name of the yarn. It has something more than wool in it...wait one sec, let me check..

OK it is wool and mulberry yarn. Pretty nice if I do say so myself. And it picks up the dyes really nicely. I made the socks a bit of different sizes for some reason (I guess there is a reason I call them mindless socks!).

Had to revise wardrobe plans after seeing forecasted highs in the 80s for next week in Milan, but getting organized!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Everybody in the Pool

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It's been a few days without pictures, and here's one of the latest mindless sock that I've been working on. It's pooling in all kinds of odd ways, which is fine, as it is a mindless sock and sort of a 'you get what you get'. The colors are quite bright and very vibrant, so that's the benefit of the sock.

I'm not a big fan of pooling, but I don't have the patience to change needles a gazillion times to get socks not to pool, thus I will live with the pooling.

Thanks for your thoughts on yarn and books for travel. I am also taking my laptop on the plane and hopefully will get some work done too. I think I will take "The Blind Assassin" to read on the plane and something else for the trip home, plus yarn and needles, so I should be hopefully entertained.

I tend to get someone anxious when I travel, could you tell?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Traveling dilemmas part 2

Do I take a book that is long and really heavy, or do I take two lighter books?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Traveling dilemmas

So as loyal blog readers know, I'm off on a whirlwind Italian journey on Tuesday. And the question of the day is: what to bring to knit on the plane?

Or the sub-questions: is one pair of socks enough, considering I will be taking unknit yarn to cast on and complete during the two cross Atlantic flights? Or should I pack an extra skein of balled-up sock yarn in the suitcase? Or should I just admit to myself that yes, I will find a yarn store in Milan, and bring more yarn home? Or just relax dammit?'

Your input is welcome.

Monday, May 24, 2010


I've been knitting long enough to see some yarn trends hit their peak and then fall off. I find it interesting to try to figure out why it all happens. I guess it is simply just supply and demand. Here are the steps:

1. Indie dyer dyes some fabulous yarns; yarns still fairly easily available. Example: you can get the yarn on the dyer's website: maybe not all colors all the time, but a nice assortmet.
2. Knitters who have the yarn start talking about it online; yarns a bit more difficult to get but chances are you'll get some eventually. Example: announced site updates sell out in a few hours.
3. Knitters who have never knit with the yarn must have it even if they have never touched the yarn; crazy purchasing ensues: Example: knitters stalk site for updates; yarns sell out in five minutes.
3.a. More and more knitters who have never knit with the yarn must have it: crazy hoarding ensues: Example: you can trade the yarn on Ravelry for a different colorway, but impossible to purchase.
4. Step 3 lasts until enough of indie dyer's yarn get into the 'knitisphere'. When hoarders find they can't trade, they start to sell at highly inflated prices.
5. Still a high demand but also a high supply from people who purchased it as part of the craze but now don't want it any more: you can buy it for just about cost.
6. It's just another yarn.

I've seen the cycle a few times: Socks that Rock when I first started knitting, then Wollmeise (which is now getting to step 5) and Bugga (which is right around Step 4). Goth Socks is now starting to become a craze. It's so interesting to me, how this cycle works. I'm sure there's an academic paper here, somewhere!

Have you seen this nutty cycle at work?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Well hello there

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Yeah, yeah, long time no post. Sorry about that. Spring term is always nuts, and this spring term is no exception...I've had all kind of event type things along with some atypical frustrations and that has meant not a lot of blogging time. Actually, not a lot of knitting time as well, although I still am managing to plug away.

My last post, I think, may have featured the beginnings of this little top and here is where it stands right now. Basically, I took the 'idea' of the Mr. Greenjeans cardigan and am creating an in-the-round sleeveless summer top. So it's a pullover, not a cardigan. I think I need about two more inches on the length (which is a rib and cable pattern) and then I think I need to figure out what to do with the neckline...maybe a couple of rows of reverse stockinette to echo the purl stitches on the ribbing, I'm not sure (but I think if I don't do something with the neckline it will be a bit bare).

The yarn: Rowan Calmer is a nice baby blue shade, and I do love this yarn.

Other than that, I'm slowly getting excited for week 9 (ok not exciting) and then my quick hop over to Milan (I'm such the jetsetter) and then back here for graduation and then my anniversary and then summer! Although it has been so cold and wet here it will surprise me if summer really chooses to make an appearance this year.

How are you? What's new?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Still here

Sorry for the radio is 'that time of year' when things get busy and I get stressed. So while knitting is happening, it is mostly mindless knitting, so not a lot to show. Another busy week this week and then hopefully two weeks of calm to pull myself together before I go to Milan!

If you have any hints on things to do in Milan, let me know!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

It doesn't look like much!

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This is the start of a top...I'm modifying the Mr. Green Jeans sweater and making it a pullover with little cap sleeves. I'm using Rowan Calmer in this sweet blue color for the yarn. I really like this is cotton and microfiber, and is light and lovely and fun to knit with. Of course it is also a bit pricey, so I save it for special occasions!

It's a busy week at work so not a lot of knitting time. I'm lucky if I get a few rows done at the end of the day, but I can't complain. Busy is good, I've realized. Not busy can lead to sluggishness, which isn't a good place for me.

Tim is moving along with the kayak...the strips are cut and the garage smells absolutely delightful. He is the opposite of sluggish!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Milan Socks

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May is Milan month. Well, not really....I guess April is Milan month because that is when I finished these socks and June is Milan month because I'm going to Milan!

But more on that later.

I've finished the Milan socks (well, except for a bit of weaving in, as you can see on the right hand sock at the top) and they're cute. I haven't worn them enough to see if the beads in the blue part (which pretty much go around my ankle and arch) are going to be bothersome. I don't think they will. I have a pretty high arch and I will most likely be wearing these with Dansko clogs, so I think I'll be OK. The colors are so bright and pretty and this yarn (merino/cashmere/silk maybe? Yes, just checked the label. This is funny: the fibers are Cashmere, Merion (spelling intentional) and Silk.

Now Milan the city. I have a conference to go to in June. It is occurring during the last week of classes, when most college campuses are shut down or deeply into summer term, but not those of us on quarters. So yes, I'm heading to Milan 6/1 and coming back 6/6. That works out to basically four days in Milan, with the conference occurring during 1.5 of them. I'm anxious but excited!

Lots of other knitting on the needles but nothing seems to be getting anywhere fast. Ah well. Stay tuned.