Friday, June 18, 2010

Bee Ess Gee

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I almost didn't go to the BSG (Black Sheep Gathering) because I really, really, don't need more yarn. Or fiber. But we had to get up early to get Tim on the road to a meeting in Corvallis, and after the soccer game it was 8:45 and BSG opens at 9 and oh well, there I went.

It was pretty full at opening time, with a huge clump of women at the BMFA woman, in fact, filling up a bag with mill ends and she said to her friend "I'll decide which ones I want later." And that sort of annoyed me, so I left that booth and wandered around.

I bought four skeins of yarn and a beautiful button from Michael and Sheila Ernst for Mr. Green Jeans cardigan that I WILL finish this weekend. It matches perfectly. From top to bottom, the yarns are:

-Huckleberry Knits 8 ply merino in the Soleil Colorway
-Fly Designs Flying Lace (BFL) in the Freemont Colorway
-Textiles A mano La Jolla Silk/Lace
-Textiles A mano La Perfecta Lace

I was so happy to meet Laura from Textiles a is a new shop in Eugene but I've never made it over there. She's great...and I'm going to try to get an intern for her to promote her business (or maybe I'll do it myself). Her yarn is very very soft, just lovely.

So then I came home and watched soccer

If the weather stays cloudy, we'll probably go back to the Alpaca show and to see the sheep (Tim likes that part, the shopping part not so much). I was kind of surprised how much alpaca fiber was there...certainly the one thing I don't need right now!


Rachel said...

My friend took off toward Portland today to go to the gathering...looks like fun!

Sounds like you enjoyed Milan and are now ready to enjoy a somewhat relaxing summer...make the most of it! :)

Beverly said...

Lovely selection of colors. I also find it hard to resist yarn. Especially pretty yarn such as this.

Sheila E said...

It was so nice to see you at Black Sheep! It wouldn't be the same if you didn't come. Not to mention that you were my first purchase of the show....a great way to break into a show with someone you like!
Thanks...and don't forget time this summer for a little time together.
Best to Tim.