Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ending and Beginning

School ended with a beautiful Commencement on Monday (we usually have it on Saturday, but the NCAA track and field championships were in Eugene so it got pushed back). The day started at 8:30: I volunteered to be a Marshall for the University ceremony and escorted a slew of Jschoolers into Hayward Field, where we walked through a giant O and then took a victory 'lap' around the track. That ceremony finished up around 11, and then I was off to find something to eat and drink before lining up for the J school ceremony at noon. It was cool but very sunny, and I have pink cheeks from being out in the sun!

So it is finally summer. It will be busy yet hopefully fun. I will be teaching a weekend class on two consecutive Saturdays in Portland on social media, and I have four book projects to work on (on what, you ask? Let's see. One on social media for small business, one a media planning textbook that's talking about social media, one on using the Internet for academic research, and one chapter on advertising theory).

I haven't really thought about what my summer knitting projects will be, and I kind of can't believe it. I do have two sweaters in the partway stage (partway for one means I think I have two rows knit) so I guess I'll get my ahead around those in the next few days. All I've been doing is stockinette socks and that's sort of all I wanted to do, but I guess it is ready to get into gear. I also need to process the four fleeces in the garage...that will happen much more sooner than later.

And Black Sheep Gathering is this weekend, and while I need no yarn, I can't imagine not going and not buying maybe a little something.

What's up for your summer?

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Unknown said...

I tried this before, but it didn't take. I was wondering what the classes are that you are teaching. I may be interested in seeing the materials, if that is possible.

in case this doesn't work, my email is jenknitter AT gmail