Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just a sock

Originally uploaded by kbshee
This is the sock I was supposed to knit on the plane to Italy...but I ended up knitting maybe five rows that entire trip. I knew these socks would go pretty quickly and so they have...I'm on the cuff of the second sock and it should be done fairly quickly.

They're made with Jo Sharpe Silk Road Tweed which is discontinued now...I made a pair for Tim in dark blue and I envy these socks whenever I see him wearing them, so I hunted down some a while ago. They're thicker than most socks, but I don't mind that at all.

Yesterday was a busy day: long walk with dogs, followed by soccer (sad), followed by trip to the farmer's market and the plant store (lettuce and radishes and load of bread for dinner, lavender for the front yard), followed by planting of the plants, followed by "Pirate Radio". A good day. Except for the soccer part.


Anonymous said...

"Jo Sharpe Silk Road Tweed" sounds like a title bestowed upon someone.

Beverly said...

I was fortunate to score about 20 skeins each of the navy and beige when my lys discontinued it a few years back. I still haven't found the 'right' project for it.