Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Knitting

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Well, I lied...I have three, count 'em three, wool sweaters on the needles. And I seriously can't deal with even touching them. We've changed from cool rainy weather to summer weather...and it isn't even that hot! I think yesterday the high was 82, which is manageable, but it is putting me off the wool knitting. Here are the sweaters I could be working on but I'm not:

1. A fairisle sweater. I have the fronts and backs and part of one sleeve done. Using a DK merino so it isn't that hot and sweaty, but just don't want to do it.

2. St Patricks from A Fine Fleece. I have the back done. I have not worked on this for so long I could hardly remember the name of the pattern (luckily it was dog eared in the book) and I also can't remember what size needles I was using. I'm knitting it in felted tweed.

3. A sweater that I started with rose Elsebeth Lavold wool that is about two rows done.

So instead? I cast on for a new pair of socks and a scarf.

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The scarf is the Internet-Scarf-of-the-Moment called Eventide , which I saw on the Yarn Harlot's blog and being a sheep had to start knitting it as well. HEre's a close up. Basically, you knit six double yarnover stitches, and then on the next row you drop the yos and cross three stitches over another three stitches. It will make sense soon.

I'm using a cashmere yarn that I bought on Etsy eons ago that just recently came to light. Why did it come to light? Well, because my wonderful husband built me a yarn wall. Pics to come.


Anonymous said...

A yarn WALL? I cannot wait.

Rachel said...

A yarn wall sounds fabulous...please share pics!

I thought this scarf looked pretty cool on the YH's site too...exciting to see you are trying it!