Sunday, August 22, 2010


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One of my summer projects (and in fact my only 'personal' project, other than reading Middlemarch, and let's not go there right now) is to 'do something' with the bags of fleece that have been living in the garage.

As you may know, I own two alpacas, Brownie and Atom, who live at Silk Creek Farm in Cottage Grove, Oregon. Silk Creek Farm is owned by my friends Bil and Julia Morrill, who have quite the farm operation going I've owned Brownie for almost three years now, and board her with Bil and Julia who take care of her feeding and toenails and other important alpaca maintenance. For the past two years, I've helped with the annual alpaca shearing, and hence the fleece have been stored in the garage for a while.

So the yarn you see here is Brownie's. It was sheared with my help, prepared by me for spinning using a drum carder, and then spun by me on my spinning wheel. And it will be knit by me into a hat for me (and the yarn was gong to go into a hat for Tim, but it is a bit bulky for him so that's why the first garment isn't for him).

And while I realize this post is very much me! me! me! I'm so excited for my first yarn from my own alpaca i have to be a bit self-centered for a bit.

Brownie is a bay black...the yarn right now looks very very very dark brown but it is soaking in water right now and it may end up a little closer to black. I'm sure they'll be one or two (or a gazillion) more pictures to share with you.


Anonymous said...

Yes it is all about you --- but everyone always liked you better anyway.

The yarns are delicious, btw.

technikat said...

How exciting to be making a garment from your own animal!

Bil said...

That is so cool to see Kim! By the way, Brownie and Atom told me they miss you and would love for you to come and say hi some time! ;)


Rachel said...

This is pretty darn cool...being involved in every single step of the process. I think the first garment SHOULD be you, you, you.

How's Middlemarch? On my to read list but haven't got up the courage yet!

School start soon for you??