Friday, August 13, 2010


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Hello! It has been a while since I've posted with anything substantial, so here goes! We're back from our trip to Annapolis for our niece's wedding. It was beautiful, and everyone seemed happy with the results. It wasn't even *that* hot (for Maryland in August). It was great to see all of Tim's family in one place and to meet my brother-in-law's family. It was also terrific to see my nephew Stephen (bro of the bride) and to meet his SO Bari. We wish Jean and Matt every happiness.

After the wedding, Tim and I stuck around to spend a few days without family and having a mini-vacation. On Sunday, before everyone left, we took a group kayaking on the Bay, and then had a family dinner. On Monday, we bid farewell to everyone and went back for more kayaking in better boats. We also explored Annapolis and toured the Naval Academy: the highlight was watching the plebes march in formation across the quad. Annapolis reminded me of a mini-Boston, which is odd of course since most Bostonians consider Maryland the 'south'.

We also ate crab whenever we could and I even had a soft shell crab sandwhich, which was just, um, fishy. It's also interesting how in Maryland crab cakes generally come on a sandwich bun when in Oregon they come with no bread. But. I digress.

I knit on these socks on both plane rides. It's a dark grey yarn by Louisa Harding with silver threads running through it, and of course look much better in person. The yarn is cotton and bamboo and nylon, I hope they stay up!

This is one of my favorite times of the year...when professors all over the country go back to school and I can gloat silently to myself because I still have six weeks off. Of course I feel miserable in May when they all are finished and I'm still teaching, but I'm smug for now.

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Kim said...

Maybe the bread falls off somewhere between Maine and Oregon. . .

I really like the sock yarn. You can be as smug as you like.