Thursday, August 26, 2010

No, It's Not.

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I know many of you may be thinking I've just reposted the pink sock picture from a few days ago, but honestly, I haven't.

It is just that this sock is at the point in its life where the 'ooh ah' moment has passed and now I'm just, um, finishing up the foot.

More ooh-ah moments to come on the heel and such.

We had a few hots days and now things are back to normal. I carded a bit more yesterday and did some spinning, in between working on stuff---honestly, most of it going through my inbox. And I have 8 books from the library but none of them are any good...what are you reading now that you like? I do have the sequel to Pillars of the Earth so I may just crack that open.

And there is always Middlemarch. Or not.

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Anonymous said...

Your comment on Mindings was absolutely magnificent. I have thought many times over the summer about that stress scale; I was, honestly, a little scared to look at it.

I will forever be in your debt, and reserve sole right to call you "charmingly eccentric."