Thursday, September 09, 2010

And more Little Pink Sock

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Thanks to those who posted a comment with a hello...Google Analytics is still showing that no one visits so I need to stop looking at that, now that I know there are real people out there reading this!

Here is one last picture (for a while) of the LPS: this is the front. The ribbing is k2tb p1 and makes a very stretch and pretty ribbing. The sock as a whole is a pretty striking sock, I really like it.

And I've started on the second. The instructions read something like "make the second just like the first, or reverse the directions to have a matching sock." The second part of that statement made me first gasp and then giggle. This is a pattern where the foot chart takes up an entire 8x11 sheet of paper. While I'm a good knitter, and I can certainly read a pattern, I would never attempt to 'wing' reversing this chart in my head!

And more knitting is happening...the blue cardigan, a mindless sock, and of course the dozens of projects I want to start now that the weather is cooler.......

And placemats. I realized this morning I hate every placemat we have except for the cute Christmas ones I cross-stitched. So maybe I'll make some for us. Linen stitch or felted.

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Anonymous said...

"I hate every placemat we have." Why do I find that so funny?