Sunday, September 19, 2010

Blocking Mythos

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So just like that the Mythos sweater is done and blocking.

"Just like that" ha! This came out in the last knitty and I've been working on it since. What you see here is half the sweater (the other half is beneath the two halves are blocked in mirror images so that I can make sure they are the same size). At the top is the you can see half of the back. The part in the middle going out to the left is one sleeve, and the bottom part is the front. So I have to graft the back, sew the side seams, and sew the sleeve seams. And then do the attached icord. And then block it again. And then hopefully wear it.

Between the 3:15 start of the Ducks game and general stupor on the sofa last night, I got a lot of knitting done yesterday. Finished and blocked this sweater, then did some work on the placemat, then started on a new project (the Debbie Bliss Rialto Deer Duffel Bag: here is a picture: and a pair of socks in acid pink, green and black yarn.

And the rain is here, a good month early, but that doesn't hurt the knitting, does it?


Linda said...

Wow, you are faster than the speed of light. Lots of projects, lots of progress.

Anonymous said...

That's how I usually block --- piece on piece. It's so much faster.