Saturday, September 25, 2010

Halfway through the Moose

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Original blog post title: In which I find out I don't suck at fair isle.

I've done some fair isle before, and I thought I wasn't good at it. I'm a little clumsy with working with two different colors of yarn, and it all tends to turn into a tight, tangled mess that isn't pretty.

But I seem to be progressing all right with this fair isle bag, from the new Debbie Bliss magazine. I'm using Cascade 220 which I haven't worked with for a long time, it really is a lovely and affordable yarn. This bag is knit flat (yes, I'm doing fair isle AND purling at the same time, you may bow down before me) and that red hunk at the bottom will turn into the flat circular bottom of the bag at some future date.

I'm about halfway through the moose, as you might imagie those black spindly legs to be.


Anonymous said...

Yet another reason I'd have to hide behind you at Sock Summit: can't work up any interest in the Fair Isle.

I TOTALLY see a moose.

Kim in Oregon said...

If it wasn't for the moose, this wouldn't be happening.

Rachel said...

purling fair isle? Hats off to you!