Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Little Pink Sock pt 3

Originally uploaded by kbshee
Thoughts for today:

1. Pink is hard to photograph as purple.

2. These socks are really fun to knit.

3. Yes, the bow is twee. Twee and cute.

4. I set one work goal for today and finished it before 9am. Pretty proud of myself (although it was a pretty small goal) and so now am going to card and spin and knit.

5. And read Tim Gunn's new book.

6. Google analytics says no one has visited my blog for three days. I think they're wrong. If you feel like it, please leave a 'hi' comment so I can sleep easier tonight (overstatement, obviously).


Anonymous said...

Love, love the sock. I want the pattern. KLMB

Liz said...

Hi Kim - I check in every day, and enjoy seeing what you are working on, and seeing your pets

Liz in CT

Linda said...

I'm sure I've visited your blog every day.

Rachel said...

I think you know I read but I'll say hi anyway...considering my commenting hasn't been regular lately, it's the least I could do! ;)