Friday, September 03, 2010

Little Pink Sock

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This sock has been progressing (or should I say I have been progressing on this sock). The heel is turned, and now the 'ribbons' will run from the back to the front. It's a fun knit, a bit complicated but one that I can do while I watch selected television programs. :-). Not Project Runway and probably not Football, but we'll see tomorrow.

As in, Go Ducks!

The long weekend, the wrap up of summer, is here. We are laying low (lying low?) and taking things as they come. I think I'll probably start on carding another fleece too. What about you?


Anonymous said...

All kidding aside, that is one of the prettiest sock patterns I've ever seen. Well done, sis.

Liz said...

nice sock !!

we're waiting for hurricane Earl to pass by, and then heading to VT to a brewery festival...I'll be the back seat passenger with two knitting projects to work on

happy carding - your fleeces are lovely