Saturday, September 04, 2010

Mini Knitting Rant

So if you aren't interested in a knitting rant, then move along to the next blog. And those of you ready for a rant, please know that this isn't a big rant, but it is an annoyance to me all the same.

Is anyone left? OK here goes.

Yesterday I went to order some patterns (two sweater patterns and a sock pattern) from a Famous Indie Dyer's website (we'll refer to the company as FID from now on). I successfully completed the transaction so no complaints there But looking back on the entire transaction, a number of things have got my goat.

1. I saw one of the sweater patterns in a knitting magazine a while ago...I went to the website in mid-August and saw the pattern wasn't going to be available for a month. Here's the thing, FID. I was ready to buy it then, and you should have let me pre-ordered it so I could get it when it came out. Otherwise, I might not remember to come back to the site and buy it.
2. But obviously I did....because I saw a sock being knit on a Famous Knit Blogger's (FKB) website. I clicked on the link she provided, and ended up at FID's website. So oh, yeah, I'll buy some patterns. So I did. And after I bought them, I got the message: we will ship in 5-10 days. So two sub-rants here:
2a. Who sells paper patterns over the Internet anymore? Hello, FID? There's a new technology called PDFs available now.
2b. It should not take 5-10 days to put three patterns in an envelope and mail them to me. Now, I'm guessing this might apply to the yarn dyed by FID and it might take a while for that. But would it kill them to add '5-10 days for yarn and 2 days for patterns?' Would it?
3. One of the patterns calls for yarn that is not available yet. This doesn't bother me, because I rarely use the recommended yarn (see, for reference, my posts on my yarn wall for an explanation). But I know knitters that would prefer the recommended yarn. Again, why not allow for pre-order or such?

I don't know if this is a business that is growing that just doesn't get some of these customer service issues, or if the business is so popular that they can afford to annoy customers. And bottom line: I did buy stuff (although in retrospect, if I knew they weren't PDFs, I might not have purchased them. And if I knew they were printed but knew they would ship in 5-10 days, I definitely would not have purchased them).

OK. I feel better now.


Anonymous said...

My comment should arrive within 3 to 5 business days. Thank you for blogging with us.

Kim in Oregon said...

Oh don't get me started. Oops. I guess I already am.

Anonymous said...

I think a reason to sell paper patterns over PDFs is protecting copyright. Someone could easily forward a PDF to friends who hadn't paid for it or copy and paste the pattern into a blog or forum. With a paper pattern, you'd have to photocopy and mail it, which is too much trouble for most people to bother with.