Sunday, September 12, 2010

More Atom!

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I spun some of Atom's fleece yesterday, and it turned out well.

As I mentioned, I ordered some wool to blend in with Atom's fleece to make it more elastic...alpaca is fairly unelastic, which means it may stretch out a bit: not a big problem for a sweater but a bit of a problem for a hat. Wool from sheep is much more elastic. What I didn't realize is that different wools have different elasticities....and the glossier the wool, the less elastic. So the first go-round of blending, with a very lustrous wool, really did nothing for the yarn. In fact, carding it was like carding cotton candy so I should have known it was going to be a bit of a problem.

I have some Targhee which is supposed to be very elastic, and so that will be my next blending exeriment.

The two hanks on the right are two ply, and they are pretty well balanced, which is good. The little one on the left is a three ply done with a navajo play just to use up the bits at the end of the spinning bobbin, and that is even more balanced (which suggests basically that my singles were highly energized, or to say another way, too twisty).

I also cast on yesterday for my Great Placemat Project since as you know, I HATE all my placemats and am going to knit all new ones. THis should use up a lot of yarn and make me happy in the mix.

I also want to cast on for another sweater but am knitting busily on Mythos to try to finish that up first. Luckily football season is here...and factor in a rain delay like with the Duck-Vol game, that gives one plenty of knitting time.

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Anonymous said...

Wow --- I didn't know all that about elasticity and glossiness. Very interesting!