Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Placemats etc

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So back into the swing of things at school and think I can do this. "This" meaning taking care of all my obligations, including getting the books I'm working on finished.

Mondays I have office hours and a 2 hour Faculty Advisory Council meeting...FAC is a group that advises the President and Provost of the University. It's an interesting group of people and the discussion yesterday was enlightening. I am always fascinated to understand the workings of a University.

Tuesday I have class at 8:30 and then I plan the rest of the day for writing, and Wednesday looks like a clear writing day.

Thursday I have class, a meeting of the Green Product Design Network, and office hours, and class from 9-12 on Friday. So I just realized I have just about every afternoon free so that makes me feel a bit more in control, and I know I can get everything done.

So what am I doing with my writing time? Um, writing. A blog. Oh well.

I like these placemats, although I do tend to screw up the pattern every so often. I keep reminding myself that there will be plates on top of them so it won't matter.

How is your week?

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