Monday, September 13, 2010

Zauberball Crazy

Originally uploaded by kbshee
I saw a sock made out of this yarn (Zauberball Crazy) and I thought "ooh, I need to get me some of that yarn" (actually, I thought it in a grammatically appropriate way). So I did.

And I knit a sock.

And I realized that I 1. either have done socks in this yarn before or else 2. this yarn is exactly like another yarn that I've done a sock in.

I like it though.


Rachel said...

I was wearing my Zauberball socks this weekend and thinking they may actually be my favorite pair of socks knit to date. So I may have to indulge in another skein sometime in the near future (and can't get my thoughts away from the colors picked by the YH last month!).

Anonymous said...

What's the problem? If one or two go missing, you've got back-ups!