Friday, October 22, 2010


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Very little knitting has been done this week, so I apologize. Here is a sock that has been in progress for a while. I wish I could tell you a bit about this sock but other than I am knitting it, there is nothing to say.

So a busy week. Monday night I went to a conference in San Fran that was OK. Came back Wednesday and was exhausted, and then had a busy day yesterday and a three hour class today.

Why, oh why, did I think a three hour graduate level seminar would be an ok thing to do?

But. All the notions for my bag are here and if the weather is as rainy as the weather prognosticators promise, I'll have time to work on that and finish it. Plus a pile of books to read from the library is also in the house. Plus hanging with Tim. Oh how I look forward to it all!

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