Sunday, October 17, 2010

Almost a bag

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So I finished up the knitting part of the Debbie Bliss backpack bag like thing....I think it looks good and for a pretty firm non-colorwork knitter, I think i did a pretty good job. It's pretty huge, I must say, and I'm not sure what I will use it for just yet because, let's face it, there is much to do.

I ordered a yard of fabric to line it and I also had to order a bunch of other notions: cord, cord stoppers, a d ring, some tape to attach the d ring. I can't sew it up til the notions arive, so for now I just enjoy it (and to be honest, the pictures are better looking that the real thing, I think because I can see them at a distance).

The yarns were four different colors of Cascade 220, which I need to use a lot more often given the price and the softness.

I'm off to San Francisco the first part of this week for a Green Business Forum--should be interesting but it makes returning crazy since Thursday and Friday are my busiest days. But all will be well. I need to focus more on the positiveness!

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Beverly said...

Your bag looks great and I'm sure you know that blocking will make everything look much better.