Saturday, October 23, 2010

Almost a placemat

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I have one row and a bind off before this first placemat is finished, but thought you'd like to see it anyway.

The yarn is Artful Yarns Fable-the blue part is done in linen stitch and the border is done in garter stitch. Obviously two different colors. I'm very pleased and these will look great with our cream colored dishes.

So now I have almost one placemat I don't hate.

Today Tim and I went to our favorite Indian restaurant for their buffet (and yes, even in a small town like Eugene we have more than one Indian restaurant...I think we might have 4). Afterwards we went to buy pumpkins. I picked out one that was placed a bit far away from the other pumpkins so I couldn't really tell how bit it was. Well, it was 29 pounds. So that should provide some carving fun.

I'm in a cast-on-a-bunch-of-sweaters-and-knit-on-them mood. I have started one sweater from the book "Inspired Cable Knits" and you know what? It really is inspiring because I think I'm going to HAVE to cast on another one from the book too.

How is your weekend? Is it raining?

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